Flora Hill Residence

Haythorpe Residence is located next to the One Tree Hill nature reserve in Flora Hill.

It is on a steep West-facing slope and is bordered by bush/forest reserve to the East. This house was assessed to have a bushfire rating of BAL-FZ to the eastern facade which required careful planning for compliance.

The garage, games room along with a laundry and store room are located at the lower level while the four bedrooms and living areas are on the first floor. All living areas and bedrooms where possible are arranged to take maximum advantage of the north sun while the remaining living areas, pool and master bedroom are arranged to take advantage of the forest view to the east.

This house is designed to create a sense of drama on approach with the main staircase rising with the natural slope of the land from the entry to the living area above. The staircase is between vertical timbers simulating the red ironbark trunks of the forest beyond. These artificial trunks also form a balustrade to a central circulation area for the bedrooms above thereby not just connecting the two levels together but also connecting the interior of the house with the forest.

Flora Hill Residence Front with BAL bushfire rating

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