Golden Square Housing Development

Golden Square Housing Development renderThis housing development consists of twelve individually designed homes, four of which are double story and one wheelchair accessible.

Despite an average block size of only around 300m² most houses have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage. Careful planning is required to fit this program in and to comply with rescode.

High density developments like these in Bendigo generally seem to squeeze all the cars out of the properties and onto the roads which are unsightly so all houses except for three have been designed to have double garages to encourage residents to park their cars out of sight. Furthermore the garages are located on the south side of each block and are set back to allow for parking in front of the garages while landscaping helps to conceal them.

The blocks have been terraced to improve visual privacy to each back yard. The back yards are separated from each other by the houses which facilitates really good noise separation.

Living areas and bedrooms are north facing with the correct eave overhang externally over the windows to provide seasonal shading, making it possible to easily achieve the required six star energy rating without the need for double glazing to be installed in any of the houses. A gentle north slope of the site is exploited to improve solar access to the houses and also where possible to take advantage of the view across the valley.



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