Identity & Individuality

Here is an advertorial I published in Saturday’s Bendigo Advertiser. 26 August 2014.

Titled: Identity & Individuality

We are at a crisis point; our houses have become nothing more than plugs in a circuit board. We choose a box, plug on a facade and then plug it into a small block lined with metal fencing. The 1960’s song “Little boxes made of ticky-tacky” comes to mind! Even though our houses are six stars we find ourselves craving the sun in winter and as soon as we get a slightly warm day we get too hot so on goes the cooler. We need cars now more than ever but our blocks have become are so small that the cars end up on the nature strip where grass once grew.

The reality is that most of us crave something better but we want certainty and so are constrained by budget, timelines and preconceived ideas about what the market wants.

Thankfully there are those who are bold enough to resist the status quo, they are pioneers who know what they want regardless of whether it conforms to the market or is considered normal. There are those who crave identity, individuality and are looking for a holistic solution that transcends the basics of a good layout or energy efficiency. They crave a place that welcomes them with open arms every time they walk in the front door.

If this is you then give me a call. I will integrate everything from your story, your ideals and your interests to the influence of the site and context into one holistic, beautiful, energy efficient and practical solution just for you. If you have an unusual brief for a residential or even commercial property then please give me a call and we will create awesomeness!

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